i got nerd sniped


so if you don't know what being "nerd sniped" is, here's a explanation on urban dictionary: urban dictionary - nerd sniping and an xkcd comic.

the problem? find a place to store chatgpt prompts.
let's look at a few viable options:

  1. google docs
  2. your computer
  3. FlowGPT

ok so our first option, google docs, doesn't work for two reasons.
  1. it can get cluttered REALLY QUICKLY
  2. It looks really ugly and is hard to organize

so after that banger is disqualified, time for our computer.
im choosing to disqualify this one because chatgpt prompts are really big, and can potentially take up large amounts of space on your computer storing a lot.

FlowGPT is a website where you can store chat gpt prompts and other things of the sort. (midjourney, etc.) this one is bad because the prompts you have and store are public and (if you are storing them) is most of the time a re-upload.

so i'm here to announce...


prompt saver is a tool which you can use to store your chatgpt prompts / midjourney prompts. currently, it's in its baby stage. i plan on adding tags, so you can mark things as "ChatGPT", "Midjourney", "DALL-E", or Others. This project is currently being developed actively by me.

Stay tuned for updates... (btw this has been in development for like a month)

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